LGMD Clinic Staff:       Professor Satish Khadilkar

Affiliation:     Bombay Hospital Institute Of Medical Sciences, Mumbai

Grant Medical College And Sir J J Group Of Hospitals, Mumbai

Role or Position:        Dean, medical faculty

Professor And Head, Department Of Neurology

Chief Consultant, Section Of Neuromuscular  Medicine

Professor Emeritus, Department Of Neurology, Grant Medical College And Sir J J Group Of Hospitals, Mumbai

What education and training did you have to arrive at your current position?

I completed my neurology certification course from the Grant Medical College in Mumbai and then went on to train in neuromuscular disorders at Perth, Western Australia, Dunedin, New Zealand and Paris, France. On my return, I started working with the patients of muscle disorders at the Grant Medical College, Bombay Hospital and the Muscular Dystrophy Society of Mumbai. Since 1993, I have worked in this field.

What led you to follow a career in patient services and clinical care in muscular dystrophy in particular?

Early on in the neurology career, difficulties faced by the patients with neuromuscular disorders made an impact on me. These chronic disorders reduced the patients’ quality of life and there was not much by way of therapy that we could offer. This led to the long term interest in this field.

What areas of clinic support or patient care are you most involved in?

I work as the treating clinician for the patients of neuromuscular disorders. Working in Mumbai, the role of the in charge clinician covers the diagnosis, explanations and therapy designs for the patients. The role spills over many other areas as well like organizing support systems, counseling and guiding them through their careers.

How does your work help patients? What are you most passionate about and excites you most about the future of LGMD Patient Care?

Making patients aware of the fact that “the damage generated by the disease may not be altered, but it no more controls their lives” helps them live more fruitful lives and is satisfying to me. Prospect of future therapies excites me. Also, reaching an accurate diagnosis and preventing further transmissions as far as possible helps the families is important to me.

What would you like patients and others interested in LGMD to know about NMD clinics who serve LGMD patients?

I think the patients and families should recognize that things are changing, new avenues are opening up and there are distinct therapeutic possibilities that may emerge, sooner than later. Neuromuscular clinics are the places where they will get information on all this and can interact with experts. This is important in a country like India where resources are limited.

What inspires you to continue working in this field?

The opportunity of help and the hope of new favorable developments


Nothing unique about me. The veiled facts are my love for painting, philosophy, and spirituality.

How can patients encourage you and help your work?

Patients’ positive attitudes rub on us as well.

LGMD CLINIC STAFF: Satish Khadilkar
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